1780’s Common Lady

Similar to the fashions from a decade earlier, ladies’ styles continued to move away from the overly ornate and elaborate baroque and rococo gowns. Simpler lines and construction were vogue, at least for non-working, informal attire. The bum roll or rump was still popular, offering the look of the more formal hoop skirts without the bulk or hassle. Printed cotton fabrics were popular.

* This information is intended to serve only as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for an historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group first before purchasing this outfit.

Pictured: L-2530 Ladies’ Bergère (ribbon not included), worn atop a CP-922 Gathered Cap.
Alternatives: SH-901 Ladies’ Straw Hat, and

either the Colonial Cap (in Linen or Cotton) or the Country Cap (in cotton only).

Pictured left (worn beneath gown): SH-122 Cotton Chemise.






Pictured above (worn beneath gown): ST-265 Ladies’ Stays.

Pictured: LP-262 Ladies’ Cotton Polonaise & Flounced Skirt.

Unseen in picture (worn beneath skirt): SP-754 Cotton Stockings.
Alternatives: Most of the stockings we offer. You may also wish to use LG-307 Ladies’ Garters to keep your stockings in place.

Unseen in picture (worn beneath gown): LS-920 Ladies’ Shoes.
Alternatives: MK-976 Moccasins.

Not pictured (worn beneath gown): Any of the ladies’ buckles we offer.
Alternatives: You may also consider lacing your shoes.

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