1770’s Common Lady

While higher class courtly fashion was slower to evolve, for the more common lady of the late 18th century, elaborate and heavy Rococo-style gowns were replaced with gowns of simpler design. Like men’s fashion, gowns became more open in front, revealing the petticoats beneath. Bum rolls replaced the cumbersome hoop skirts. The outer skirt was often bustled or gathered up to emphasize the hips.

* This information is intended to serve only as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for an historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group first before purchasing this outfit.

Pictured: SH-901 Ladies’ Straw Hat, worn atop a CP-922 Gathered Cap.
Alternatives: L-2530 Ladies’ Bergère, and either the Colonial Cap (in Linen or Cotton) or the Country Cap (in cotton only).

Pictured left (worn beneath gown): SH-122 Cotton Chemise.






Pictured above (worn beneath gown): ST-265 Ladies’ Stays.

Pictured: LG-260 Ladies’ Linen Gown, worn over FL-144 Printed Cotton Drawstring Skirt.

Unseen in picture (worn beneath skirt): SP-754 Cotton Stockings.
Alternatives: Most of the stockings we offer. You may also wish to use LG-307 Ladies’ Garters to keep your stockings in place.

Not pictured (worn beneath gown): LS-920 Ladies’ Shoes.

Not pictured (worn beneath gown): Any of the ladies’ buckles we offer.
Alternatives: You may also consider lacing your shoes.

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