1770 – 1780’s Working Woman/Campfollower

Comfort and modesty were essential to the working woman’s attire. Rather than being confined by stays, a woman would have worn a chemise beneath her sleeved bodice or jacket. If additional modesty was needed, a fishu or kerchief was worn over the shoulders and tucked either in the front of the bodice or behind an apron. Aprons would likely have been worn to protect her clothing. Petticoats were frequently layered with the outer layer bustled.

* This information is intended to serve only as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for an historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group first before purchasing this outfit.

Pictured: CP-911 Ladies’ Colonial Cap.
Alternatives: Any of the ladies’ caps that we offer.

Pictured above (worn beneath shortgown and skirt): SH-122 White Cotton Chemise.

Pictured: PG-119 Cotton Shortgown.
Alternatives: Any of the shortgowns, sleeved bodices, or jackets we offer.


Pictured: PC-144 Drawstring Skirt.
Alternatives: Any of the petticoats we offer. Petticoats were often layered.



Pictured right (worn beneath skirt): PC-710 Pockets.

Unseen in picture (worn beneath skirt): SP-754 Cotton Stockings.
Alternatives: Most of the stockings we offer. You may also wish to use LG-307 Ladies’ Garters to keep your stockings in place.



Unseen in picture (worn beneath skirt): LS-920 Ladies’ Shoes.
Alternatives: MK-976 Moccasin Kit.

Unseen in picture (worn beneath skirt): Any of the ladies’ buckles we offer.
Alternatives: You may also consider lacing your shoes.


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