1812 Militia

Militia outfits of this time period were similar to standard civilian clothing with the addition of hunting attire. A Hunting Frock was closed in front and held
with a leather belt, which was also used to secure knives and tomahawks. An Early 19th-century waistcoat would have been worn beneath, as well as Fall-Front Trousers, an 18th-Century Workshirt, and a plain Cotton Cravat. Shoes were laced. To top it off, the militiaman wore an Early 19th-Century Top Hat, or for a more typical working-class man, a slouch hat make from a hat blank.

*This information is intended to serve only as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for an historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group before purchasing this outfit.


Pictured: H-2410 Early Fur-Felt Top Hat.
Alternatives: TH-917 Top Hat, or any of our Felt Hat Blanks.


Pictured: SH-124 Cotton Workshirt.
Alternatives: CK-124 Blue-Checked Cotton Workshirt, RS-124 Red-Checked Cotton Workshirt, LH-124 Linen Workshirt, OH-124 Cotton Osnaburg Workshirt, SH-131 Off-White Cotton 19th-Century Trade Shirt, OH-131 Cotton Osnaburg 19th-Century Trade Shirt, or RS-131 Red Flannel 19th-Century Trade Shirt.


Pictured: CR-371 Cotton Cravat.
Alternatives: SC-369 Black Silk Cravat or SC-372 White Silk Cravat.

Pictured: SW-132 Early 19th-Century Waistcoat (pictured right).

Pictured: PC-125 Fall-Front Trousers (pictured far left) or PA-125 Fall-Front Trousers (pictured above).

Pictured: LF-126 Linen Hunting Frock.
Alternatives: Cotton Canvas Hunting Frock, or a lighter weight Hunting Shirt.

Pictured: CS-925 Men’s Straight-Last Shoes.
Alternatives: MK-976 Center-Seam Moccasins.


pictures: slouch hat, early 19th century waistcoat (grey), fall-front trousers