1810 Farmer

By the early 19th century the standard men’s outfit had evolved a bit from the mid-18th-century styles. The Work Smock and standard Workshirt stayed the same, but the waistcoat worn over the shirt was shorter, and trousers were commonly worn instead of breeches. Neckwear was still very standard at this time, and a cotton cravat was worn. The shoes were similar to those worn in the 18th-century, but in an outdoor working situation like this, laces typically replaced buckles. To top it all off, the round straw hat provided plenty of protection from the sun.

* This information is intended to serve only as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for an historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group first before purchasing this outfit.

SH-903 Men’s Straw Hat.
Alternatives: SH-955 High-Crown Straw Hat.

Redshirt4SHIRT (worn under smock)
Pictured: SH-124 Cotton Workshirt.
Alternatives: CK-124 Blue-Checked Cotton Workshirt, RS-124 Red-Checked Cotton Workshirt, LH-124 Linen Workshirt, OH-124 Cotton Osnaburg Workshirt, SH-131 Off-White Cotton 19th-Century Trade Shirt, OH-131 Cotton Osnaburg 19th-Century Trade Shirt, or RS-131 Red Flannel 19th-Century Trade Shirt (pictured above).

Pictured: CR-371 Cotton Cravat.

Pictured: SW-132 Early 19th-Century Waistcoat.

Pictured: PC-125 Fall-Front Trousers.
Alternatives: PA-134 Broadfall Trousers or PC-139 Men’s 1820’s Trousers.

Pictured: LN-123 Work Smock in natural linen. Also available in cotton Osnaburg.


Pictured: CS-925 Men’s Straight-Last Shoes.

Pictured: The shoes are laced.
Alternatives: Any of our men’s shoe buckles.
Pictures: red flannel 19th century trade shirt, early 19th century waistcoat (blue)