1760 – 1790 Longhunter or Sporting Gentleman

Hunting was a popular pastime and seasonal vocation. Hunting clothing was also a variation of typical civilian clothing at the time with an additional layer of hunting-specific items. The outer layer included a hunting frock and a sash or belt to close it. Beneath this layer were the normal breeches, shirt, and waistcoat. Full-length gaiters were worn to protect the legs, and shoes or moccasins protected the feet.

* This information is intended to serve only as a general recommendation. If you belong to a reenacting group or work for an historic site, we strongly recommend you check with your group first before purchasing this outfit. 

Pictured: HL-803 Brown Lined Hat Blank.
Alternatives: Any of our felt Hat Blanks or Tricorns . A MC-216 Monmouth Cap  will also work well.

SHIRTChecked blue shirt
Pictured: SH-124 Cotton Workshirt.
Alternatives: LH-124 Linen Workshirt, CK-124 Blue-Checked Workshirt (pictured right), RS-124 Red-Checked Workshirt, or OH-124 Cotton Osnaburg Workshirt.


Pictured left: SW-130 1770’s Waistcoat in either cotton canvas or linen
Alternatives: For economy sake, consider CW-195 Unlined Cotton-Canvas Costume Waistcoat.


Pictured: CR-371 Cotton Cravat.
Alternatives: Any of the Cravats or Neck Stocks that we offer will work, though we would recommend you avoid the RS-373 Ruffled Neck Stock for this persona.

Pictured: CF-126 Cotton Canvas Hunting Frock. The frock comes with a cotton canvas sash.
Alternatives: a Hunting Frock in in fabric option, or a Hunting Shirt of any fabric option.

leather beltSASH
Pictured: SA-117 Hand-Woven Sash. This is an optional piece. The frock comes with its own cotton canvas sash.
Alternative: LB-170 Leather Belt with Brass Buckle (pictured left).

Pictured above: SP-128 Cotton Canvas Fall-Front Breeches.
Alternative:  Fall-Front Breeches of any fabric option.

Pictured: SP-754 Cotton Stockings.
Alternatives: Any Cotton or Wool Stocking.

 SB-984 Thigh-Length Gaiters.
Pictured: GA-753 Leather Garters.
Alternative: GA-118 Hand-Woven Garters. Handwoven garters and Sashes are also sold as a set (ST-115 Hand-Woven Sash and Garter Set).

Pictured: MK-976 Moccasin Kit.
Alternatives: CS-925 Men’s Straight-Last Shoes with any of our men’s shoe buckles, or laced.